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Photo Gallery 2023 – 24

Chirec Fiesta Taekwando Competition 2023 17-11-2023 Click Here
Chirec Fiesta 2023 16-11-2023 Click Here
Interactive Workshop by STEM and Space 01-11-2023 Click Here
SGFI team in the basket ball under-19 girls category 01-11-2023 Click Here
Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023 13-10-2023 Click Here
Sports Day 2023 07-10-2023 Click Here
Sports Day Video 07-10-2023 Click Here
Cultural Dance competition 28-08-2023 Click Here
Cultural Dance Competition Video 28-08-2023 Click Here
AP& Telangana Regional Art Competition 26-08-2023 Click Here
Little potters make a pot event at International School 24-08-2023 Click Here
Intersection Group Singing activity & Cold Cooking Competition 19-08-2023 Click Here
Onam celebrations 2023 20-08-2023 Click Here
Onam Celebration Dance Video 20-08-2023 Click Here
Onam Celebration Dance Video 20-08-2023 Click Here
CSICE Regional Volleyball tournament 17-08-2023 Click Here
77th Independence day Celebrations 15-08-2023 Click Here
Independence day Celebrations Video 15-08-2023 Click Here
House Wise dance competition 14-08-2023 Click Here
No bag day 13-08-2023 Click Here
The Frank Anthony Memorial All India Interschool Debate Competition 2023 10-07-2023 Click Here